Maine’s Autumn Miracle: Over 33 Maine Oyster Growers at one Oysterfest!

Harvest on the Harbor’s Portland Oysterfest on October 19th was extraordinary. Thanks to the planning efforts of John Herrigel, Maine Oyster Company’s owner, over 33 oyster farms were represented on the day to satisfy the briny cravings of hundreds of attendees. Assembling this many oyster farms in one location at the same time is nothing short of a miracle.

Thompson’s Point, located on the outskirts of Portland and an area also home to local favorites like Bissell Brothers and Cellardoor Winery, was a sparkling venue which hosted a band, glistening lighting, and hopeful farm owners with knives in hand, ready to shuck.

The day felt like a marathon of slurping, and so it was. Almost 10,000 oysters were eaten in the span of a few hours. To delight in Maine’s variations was a treat for all the oyster lovers who came. But more importantly was the experience of having the growers there to share their stories and hand you their own product themselves.

Below is a recap of the evening before with Maine Oyster Company, and the Oysterfest on the day. You’ll find a few short stories of those I loved trying on the day. I highly recommend that any Maine oyster lovers add this epic event to their annual calendars.

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